1.1 These terms and conditions apply to all offers, orders and agreements of MRS.WALL that have been established with the consumer through remote purchase. These Terms and Conditions are available at The Terms and Conditions can also be downloaded and printed there. Upon request, the Terms and Conditions will be sent by us. 
1.2 By accepting an offer or placing an order, the consumer agrees to agree to these Terms and Conditions.


Offers / Agreements
2.1 If an offer has a limited duration, MRS.WALL will clearly state this.
2.2 MRS.WALL will describe its products so accurately and truthfully. Apparent mistakes or mistakes do not bind MRS.WALL.
2.3 MRS.WALL will clearly indicate the rights and obligations of the consumer when it accepts an offer. This includes mentioning the price, delivery costs, method of payment and the right of withdrawal.

2.4 MRS.WALL is entitled to refuse an order without giving any reason. MRS.WALL is an agreement as soon as the order has been accepted. 

Right of withdrawal 
3.1 After purchase, the consumer is entitled to return an item for any reason within fourteen days with effect from the day of receipt by the consumer. If an article is by its nature not covered by the right of withdrawal, this will by MRS.WALL mentioned in the offer.
3.2 During the viewing period, the consumer should carefully handle the product and the packaging. If the consumer wishes to return an item on the basis of the right of withdrawal, it must be used unused, undamaged and in the original packaging. A seal must not be broken. Consumers should ensure a proper return shipping package and take into account the shipping costs.

3.3 At return in accordance with the conditions and within the trial period, will MRS.WALL refund the purchase price within 30 days.

Prices and payments
4.1 All prices for the offered products or services are in euro, including VAT and excluding shipping costs. Shipping costs are listed separately.
4.2 During the stated period of validity will MRS.WALL prices do not increase unless there is change in VAT rates or extreme fluctuations in foreign currency used for MRS.WALL.

4.3 Payment must be made on a by MRS.WALL offered a method of payment. MRS.WALL can not be obliged to accept a different payment method. MRS.WALL is entitled further conditions to the payment. When paying by bank or giro day of payment the day on which the amount on the account of MRS.WALL has been credited.
4.4 Payment must be paid immediately after an order. If the amount due is received by MRS.WALL the order will be processed and processed.
4.5. If the consumer defaults, is MRS.WALL shall be entitled to postpone the relevant agreement or dissolve.


5.1 The delivery times listed in the products are indicative with a maximum delivery period of 30 days. Exceeding the indicated delivery time gives the consumer not the right to compensation or cancellation of the order, unless the delivery time so long, that the consumer is not reasonably expected that he maintains the agreement. In this case, MRS. WALL return the purchase price within 30 days to the consumer.
5.2 If delivery address is the address indicated by the consumer. For damages resulting from errors or omissions in the delivery address specified by the consumer is MRS. WALL not liable.
5.3 Deliveries take place only to countries that by MRS. WALL. MRS. WALL can not be obliged to supply to other countries.


Retention of title
6.1 All by MRS.WALL products delivered or services remain the property of MRS.WALL until the consumer has fulfilled all obligations under all agreements. The risk of damage or loss shall pass to the consumer from the time of delivery.

Compliance and warranties
7.1 MRS.WALL shall ensure that products ordered or services fulfill the contract, the specifications stated in the offer and to reasonable requirements of usability and reliability.
7.2 When a product is sold under warranty and a defect occurs within the warranty period, the consumer must notify MRS.WALL in writing or by e-mail. MRS.WALL will return or replace the item for repair, provided that the defect has not been caused by improper or improper use. The choice for repair or replacement is at MRS.WALL.
7.3 Warranty is limited to the time limit set by the manufacturer or supplier of the product.

Advertising and Liability
8.1 Consumers must check an item upon receipt as soon as possible. Any defects or transport damage should be reported to MRS.WALL within 14 days of receipt in writing or by e-mail.
8.2 Upon receipt of the complaint, MRS.WALL will either repay the items or return the purchase price after returning.

8.3 If an article fails to comply with the quality standards that may reasonably be expected, the consumer may notify MRS.WALL in writing or by e-mail, and MRS.WALL will review the complaint and, if necessary ,replace Item.

Force majeure
9.1 MRS.WALL can not be required to comply with a contract or part thereof in case of force majeure. In that case, MRS.WALL has the right to suspend the agreement, only partially or dissolve without compensation for damage to the consumer. This does not release the consumer from the obligation to pay that part of the agreement which has been complied with and represents an independent value.
9.2 If the period of force majeure exceeds 2 months, both parties are entitled to dissolve the agreement.


Applicable law and competent court
10.1 Any agreement between MRS.WALL and the consumer shall be governed by Dutch law, even if the products or services have been delivered wholly or partly abroad. 
10.2 MRS.WALL and the consumer will only appeal to the court after making every effort to settle a dispute by mutual agreement.

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